Sunday, October 21, 2012

Copenhaver Castle: Going Medieval on Camelback Mountain

The castle protected Hohokam royalty from attack by conquistadors until the infamous Siege of 1312...


Heather12News said...

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Thanks so much!
Heather Dunn
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Anonymous said...

talk about misinformation on the internet?..............WTF?
The castle was built by a dentist.......dumb ass
And the comment about bees? Like that has to do with anything.

yeah yeah, i know its like 7 years later but who the effff cares anymore .......... Nothing but garbage out there anymore..

Ray Stern said...
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Ray Stern said...

Another satisfied customer.

Built by a dentist? Talk about misinformation. This castle withstood centuries of attacks by armies with dragons and orcs, falling during the siege only because a traitor, Ephialtes, led the Spanish Army up what is now Cholla Trail to attack from the other side. Don't you know your history?